Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Final Slideshows

Having researched on the internet I have figured out how to export my slideshows from iPhoto to a QuickTime Player movie and I have uploaded them onto my youtube account, here they are below:


Our Truth

Overall I am happy with both of my slideshows. I feel that a few illustrations let the "Our truth" slideshow down a little bit, and I prefer the slideshow "Spellbound" as I think the illustration is much stronger, but I am pleased with both outcomes, and think both pieces are quite unique.  I feel that I have answered the brief as I think I have illustrated both tracks in a unconventional way.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spellbound - Illustration

For my next music track I also want to produce a slideshow, but this time I want to create it by showing a progression of just one illustration that I will create using acrylic paints.

My slideshow consists of 27 images, including a pencil and a paint brush to show what is actually happening in a more obvious way.  I have used the effect "shatter" in iPhoto, and have fit the slides to the music.

Below is my final drawing of the lead singer of Lacuna Coil - Cristina Scabbia.  I am pleased with my final illustration and the stages of the image work well in the slideshow.

Here are a few of the stages that I have shown in my slideshow:

After finishing my illustration I feel it needs some colour and needs to show that I am actually illustrating for the track "Spellbound".  As the illustration is quite strong I don't want to take away too much attention from it, so I will find a suitable font and add the title to the piece of work and will also experiment with different coloured backgrounds to see what looks the most effective.

Below are a few options that I could choose from:

I have looked a various fonts and the below one I feel works well with Lacuna Coil's gothic style the most.

I like the above colours but I feel i still need to show "Spellbound" I am going to try incorporate the style of the typography in with Cristina to try and make her look "bound".  Below are a few ideas:

Although this shows "Spellbound" better than a plain background colour, I feel that it is a bit too fussy and I still need to experiment with different colour alternatives.

The above idea I have decided to use in my slideshow.  I feel that the white background makes the illustration stand out and gives it a fresher look.  I quite like the swirls and the binding, although I feel the font could have been stronger, I haven't worried about it too much as it's not a typography project!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Our Truth - Illustrations

For my first track I am going to do a few illustrations in my slideshow that link in with the lyrics of the song.  My first is illustration of the song "Our Truth" is to represent the clock ticking.

The next image is to represent the lyrics "killing time"

The next image is to represent the lyrics "ripping off" the best condescending smile

The next image is to represent the lyrics "falling right through"

The next image is to represent lying and "telling more lies"

The next illustration is to represent the lyrics "tease me"

The next illustration is to show the lyrics "stealing time" 

The below image is to represent the lyrics "run away"

The next image is to represent the lyrics "silent sneaking"

The next image is to represent the lyrics rugged the "road"

The next illustration is to represent the lyrics "like we're flying"

After trying to fit these images to fit the musical track, I have had to get rid of two of the images.  I have also put in photographs of Lacuna Coil, and Cristina Scabbia (Lead Singer) and manipulated them in photoshop to give them a painted effect, a bit like my images.  I am happy with most of my illustrations although I feel some are much stronger than others.  Also if I had more time, the paintings I created with black acrylic I would fill in on Illustrator to give a more finished effect.

I have used the theme "snapshots" and had to figure out how long each image was on the screen for to fit in with the music track, each image is on screen for approximately 8.6 seconds and there are a total of 25 images.  This took some time to figure out as I wanted the correct image to appear with the right lyrics of the song to make the images more obvious.