Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spellbound - Illustration

For my next music track I also want to produce a slideshow, but this time I want to create it by showing a progression of just one illustration that I will create using acrylic paints.

My slideshow consists of 27 images, including a pencil and a paint brush to show what is actually happening in a more obvious way.  I have used the effect "shatter" in iPhoto, and have fit the slides to the music.

Below is my final drawing of the lead singer of Lacuna Coil - Cristina Scabbia.  I am pleased with my final illustration and the stages of the image work well in the slideshow.

Here are a few of the stages that I have shown in my slideshow:

After finishing my illustration I feel it needs some colour and needs to show that I am actually illustrating for the track "Spellbound".  As the illustration is quite strong I don't want to take away too much attention from it, so I will find a suitable font and add the title to the piece of work and will also experiment with different coloured backgrounds to see what looks the most effective.

Below are a few options that I could choose from:

I have looked a various fonts and the below one I feel works well with Lacuna Coil's gothic style the most.

I like the above colours but I feel i still need to show "Spellbound" I am going to try incorporate the style of the typography in with Cristina to try and make her look "bound".  Below are a few ideas:

Although this shows "Spellbound" better than a plain background colour, I feel that it is a bit too fussy and I still need to experiment with different colour alternatives.

The above idea I have decided to use in my slideshow.  I feel that the white background makes the illustration stand out and gives it a fresher look.  I quite like the swirls and the binding, although I feel the font could have been stronger, I haven't worried about it too much as it's not a typography project!

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