Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brief background & requirements

Having looked through all the D&AD briefs that are available, I have decided that the Diesel brief would suit me best as I feel that Illustration is one of my strongest design skills and music is very important to me.  The brief is to create an illustrated interpretation of two musical tracks that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way.  We have been asked to produce a minimum of two illustrations each based on a different track from any band or artist who's music inspires me.  My solution could be 2D, or 3D or even time based.

I will need to decide what artist or band I am going to illustrate tracks for, and explore new ways that illustration can be integrated into the music experience.  I will need to consider and look at examples of how musicians are reinventing the way that they interact with their fans and the increased importance of building intimate relationships and new experiences between fans and bands.

D:U:M (Diesel:U:Music) Launched 10 years ago before Napster as a yearly unsigned music talent awards and a worldwide support network with some of the most exciting new artists, labels, radio stations, journalists and producers across most countries, D:U:M evolved and grew, on and offline connecting fans to bands, and in 2009 set off on a grand tour of the world with two lucky winning bands. Diesel:U:Music has been an integral part of the careers of such artists as Mylo, Diplo and The Cool Kids.


Below is an article from April 2008

After the success of Diesel-U-Music awards, the Italian label is to launch its own music radio station, the snappy titled Diesel-U-Music Radio. D-U-M will be broadcasting from its base at lovely The Amersham Arms pub in New Cross between May 4 to 30, on the 87.7 FM radio frequency in London and globally on the diesel website. The Klaxons have already signed up to play a live gig at the station's HQ, Diesel's Head of Communications Andy Griffiths said "It's about smart, creative people, whether they're established artists or bedroom DJs, in New Cross or New York, showcasing their unique view on the world and doing it with passion."

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