Friday, 11 February 2011

Research into slideshows

After researching possible solutions for my two music tracks, I have decided to create a slideshow for each track.  I will use various mediums, possibly a mixture of type and photography, much like a montage, but my main focal point will be illustrations which I will create using mainly acrylics.  In my slideshow I will have things overlapping, fading out etc and also have my music track in the background.  I could also make my slideshow so the step by step of one illustration and the end slide being the end result of my illustration. The idea behind my slideshow is when a fan of Lacuna Coil downloads any of their tracks or albums they will receive this slideshow for free.
Here are a few slideshows below that I thought might give me some inspiration when designing mine:

The above link is a Slideshow to the Lacuna Coil track The Ghost Woman and The Hunter including artwork from Luis Royo and Victoria Frances who happen to be two of my favourite artists.

This slideshow is for the Lacuna Coil track Unspoken and shows Photographs of the band throughout

I think I am going to design one track as a montage using several images and do the other track as a progression of one illustration. 

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