Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Choosing a Band/Artist

Below are a few artists and bands that I like and that I feel could work well for this project:


No Doubt

Jimi Hendrix

La Roux


Lady Gaga

A Perfect Circle

Lily Allen

The Prodigy

Bat For Lashes

Nicki Minaj

Animal Alpha


Gwen Stefani

Lacuna Coil

Katy Perry

After narrowing it down to the above artists and bands I have now decided that I am going to illustrate two tracks from the band Lacuna Coil.  Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band from Milan formed in 1994. "Lacuna" means "empty" in Italian.  When the band first formed, they were called "Ethereal" but there was another band from Greece who already had that name.  Since they had to change the band name, they thought they would come up with something that still had the same meaning as Ethereal but with no chance of someone else having the same name. The band was inspired by the combination of gothic imagery and music, and the members have been known, musically, for composing mid-tempo songs consisting of prominent guitar lines and contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies to help create a melodic, detached sound. Much of the band's recent material, however, sees a heavier and more down-tuned style, featuring a more distinct bass line and a higher mixing of the guitars within the songs. The band's 2006 release, Karmacode, peaked at number 28 in the American charts. Their latest release, Shallow Life, debuted at number 16. The album marks the band diverging their sound from gothic metal to straightforward alternative metal. As of August 2010, Lacuna Coil has sold nearly 2 million records.

Below are some photographs I took when at a Lacuna Coil gig last year:

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